Process optimization is essential for growth, productivity, and fun in the workplace!”

- Delphine Derome

When it comes to optimizing your tasks, processes, and technological tools, our approach is as simple as it is effective.






Business and software analysis

I offer you my expert eye to evaluate all the possible options so that you can make informed decisions.


  • Establish each step of a process and evaluate related costs and time spent
  • Define one or more aspects to be improved in the company
  • Compare and analyze technologies on the market, and then make an informed choice based on your needs and each one’s advantages and disadvantages


  • Analysis of a team or department’s processes
  • Focus groups with employees about a situation, process, or work tools
  • Business process mapping

Software implementation

Already chosen the software that meets your immediate and long-term needs? Now it’s time to implement it. I will help you step by step throughout the implementation process to ensure optimal use for everyone.

Understanding Goals and ExpectationsIn collaboration with the company director(s), we will identify the main elements needed for the project:
-Existing solutions used
-The project team, as well as their preferred type of communication and collaboration"
Planning Project Schedule and DeliverablesBased on the company’s business goals identified in the previous phase, we will adjust the planning process and establish key moments (milestones), to validate the decisions made, the direction taken, and ultimately, the success of the project delivered to stakeholders
Planning Project Schedule and DeliverablesThis research phase, conducted directly with the team as well as with direct and indirect users, is crucial for system integration. It will help to provide us with an agile vision of the team’s reality and aspirations so that we can improve software integration and find new ways of doing things
Identify, Analyze, and Understand the DataAfter conducting interviews and consultations in the field, we will then identify data highlights in order to understand what elements we will implement in the future
Software Selection, Configuration, and TestingIn this configuration and testing phase, we will use feedback received from the company to validate the integration of the new software and the related processes
Final Approval and Training"Based on the results of the test and the integrations, we will then validate and adapt all content, processes, and structure of the computer system in collaboration with the company.
All content will be researched, written, and ready to be formatted with a user guide"Tous les contenus seront recherchés,rédigés et prêts à être mis en page avec un guide d’utilisateur.
Evaluation and Feedback on Project ManagementEvaluation of the project according to the project plan and the performance indicators established at the beginning
Note: These deliverables are subject to change as each project is unique. A custom quote that reflects their needs will be provided to the company.
Google Suite Meet, Hangout, Drive, Agenda, Doc, Sheet, Keep, Jamboard, Slides
Office Suite Word, Excel, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, MsProject
SaaS SoftwareSurveyMonkey, SurveyMonkeyApply, Calendly, Acuity Schedule, Booxi
Toggl, Trello, Mural, SmartSheet, Happeo
LMS SoftwareMoodle, Thinkific, Podia
CRM SoftwareSalesForce, Hubspot, PipreDrive
No-Code PlatformsNo-code software that facilitates management and automates operations without needing to code. A new trend in 2025!
Training GuideA training guide that makes it easier for users to learn
Follow-Up Three Months After DeliveryContent retention assessment with both users and the company
User GuideInstructional guide on important concepts during a training or on how to use a software

Time management

Thanks to my personalized coaching approach, I will help you maximize your time and your teams’ time by optimizing your tools, system, and processes.


Tasks to free up your time so that you can then invest in value-added activities


Your time with your clients as well as with your employees by limiting endless meetings among other things


All the steps and processes regarding project management whether small or large


An intuitive and collaborative document sharing system to increase the efficiency of your teams


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